The C.P. And C.M.

1. The Communist Party
     credits bourgeois capitalism
     with an historic mission.

2. The Communitarian Movement
     condemns it
     on general principles.

3. The Communist Party
     throws the monkey-wrench
     of class struggle
     into the economic machinery
     and by doing so
     delays the fulfilling
     of the historic mission
     which it credits
     to capitalism.

4. The Communitarian Movement
     aims to create
     a new society
     within the shell of the old
     with the philosophy of the new
     which is not
     a new philosophy
     but a very old philosophy,
     a philosophy so old
     that it looks like new.

5. The Communist Party
     stands for proletarian dictatorship.

6. The Communitarian Movement
     stands for personalist leadership.