Our Volunteers are the Heart of Our Ministry

Volunteering at The Dorothy Day Center


The Dorothy Day Center is run completely by volunteers.  Listed below are the volunteer positions that are utilized.  Each volunteer position listed is also linked to a page with a description of the job and whether the volunteer position is currently available.  If you are interested in any volunteer positions available then contact me at: (405) 740-0697

All volunteer positions are equally important to our mission of feeding the hungry.  The Dorothy Day Center must regularly undergo inspections, our records are regularly audited, we must maintain a stock of products that have been successfully ordered, paid for and rotated prior to the food ever leaving our facility.  Our community garden and facility must be clean and maintained.  We do all of this with volunteers!   All volunteer positions are needed to fulfill our mission! 




-Food Deliverer


-Cardboard Recycler

-Yard Maintenance


-Warehouse Manager

-Director of Operations

-Grant Writer

-Public Information Officer

-Outside Agency Liaison

-Special Programs Volunteers


-Special Purchases Buyer