The Duty of Hospitality

  1. People who are in need
    and are not afraid to beg
    give to people not in need
    the occasion to do good
    for goodness'sake.
2. Modern society calls the beggar
    bum and panhandler
    and gives him the bum's rush.
    But the Greeks used to say
    that people in need
    are the ambassadors of the gods.
3. Although you may be called
    bums and panhandlers
    you are in fact
    the Ambassadors of God.
4. As God's Ambassadors
    you should be given food,
    clothing and shelter
    by those who are able to give it.
5. Mahometan teachers tell us
    that God commands hospitality,
    and hospitality is still practiced
    in Mahometan countries.
6. But the duty of hospitality
    is neither taught nor practiced
    in Christian countries.