Looking At Property

Fr. Henry Carr, Superior of the Basilians, says:
1. Socialists and Communists
     battle against
     the unequal conditions
     of the poor.

2. Presumably they would be satisfied
     if all were on a level.
3. Do you not see
     that this does not touch
     the question that is vital,
     namely, whether or not the people,
     no matter how much
     or how little they possess,
     regard it and use it
     in the way they should?

4. The right way
     is to regard it
     as something entrusted to us
     to use for the benefit
     of ourselves and others.

5. The wrong way
     is to look on it as something we own
     and can use as we desire
     without any duty to others.

6. Good or bad conditions
     will follow
     good or bad use
     of property.