A Radical Change

1. The order of the day
    is to talk about the social order. 
2. Conservatives would like
    to keep it from changing
    but they don't know how.
3. Liberals try to patch it
    and call it a New Deal.
4. Socialists want a change, 
    but a gradual change.
5. Communists want a change,
    an immediate change,
    but a Socialist change.
6. Communists in Russia
    do not build Communism,
    they build Socialism.
7. Communists want to pass
    from capitalism to Socialism
    and from Socialism to Communism.
8. I want a change,
    and a radical change.
9. I want a change
    from an acquisitive society
    to a functional society,
    from a society of go-getters
    to a society of go-givers.