Shouting With Rotarians

1. The modern man looks for thought
     so that he can have light,
     and he is unable to find it
     in our modern schools.

2. According to Professor Meiklejohn,
     "Students go school
     not to be directed
     but to become business men."

3. According to Glenn Frank,
     President of the University of Wisconsin,
     "Schools reflect the environment,
     they do not create it."

4. Which explains why
     shortly after their graduation,
     school graduates could be heard
     shouting with Rotarians:
     "Service for profits",
     "Time is money",
     "Keep Smiling",
     "Business is business",
     "How are you making out?"
     "The law of supply and demand",
     "Competition is the life of trade",
     "Your dollar is your best friend".