St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church Social Ministries


Social ministries promotes family life and involve the Parish in social service and community activity designed for Christian outreach.  They create an atmosphere whereby the community of Saint Charles can gain an understanding of a Christian Catholic position on social and economic justice.  The Social Ministry Board usually meets the first Monday of the month.  Everyone is invited to serve on this board.  The only requirement is that you are a member of Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church.  There are  15 committees within the area of Social Ministry.

Saint Charles is a vibrant community involved in serving the poor.  A variety of programs and social activities are available to facilitate your involvement in parish life.  You and your family are invited to participate in any or all of these programs, either as volunteers or as recipients of programs.  Non-Catholic spouses and friends are always welcome to participate in Social Ministries activities.

St. Charles McAuley Free Clinic
The St. Charles - McAuley Free Clinic serves the parish and the community by providing free health care to people without health insurance.  Volunteer lab technicians, nurses, office workers, pharmacists and physicians staff the clinic.  Patients may be referred to other physicians in our community for care not provided by the clinic.  Referral physicians are volunteers or work at very low cost.  Some patients may be able to get their medications free at the clinic.  Programs such as diabetes education and consultation on dietary needs are provided to patients.           Location of clinic
4915 N. State Street
Phone Number (405)495-4667

Director: Barbara Trimble, BS

Mobile Meals
We prepare and deliver hot nutritious meals every Friday to the frail elderly in our area, thereby helping them continue to reside in their homes.  Other area churches similarly commit to providing this service one day a week.  The suggested donation for the food is $1.00; we do not require a donation here at Saint Charles.  Please note that there is often a waiting list for this service.  If you wish to be considered for this program, contact the church office as soon as possible.  If you or someone you know could benefit from this service, or have other needs relating to being elderly, contact the Eldercare Access Center at 405-946-3388.

RAIN stands for Regional AIDS Interfaith Network - Team members act as extended families to people with AIDS, assist them with patient needs, take patients to their medical appointments and befriend them.  This project helps bridge the gap of fear and judgment sometimes directed towards AIDS patients.

The Saint Vincent De Paul Society
This is a group of lay people who have joined together to grow spiritually by offering assistance to the needy and suffering.  We assist people who live within our parish boundaries and help them with their material needs, while recognizing that they have spiritual and other needs as well.  People asking for help are sometimes directed to other sources that might be able to give them more permanent help, if needed.  The parish supports the St. Vincent de Paul Society through the poor boxes.  Contact the Society's pager at 405-530-0300 if you have questions about the Society or if you wish to speak to a Society member about assistance.  All calls are anonymous and confidential.  If you have an interest in any of these services areas, please contact Margaret Phipps at the parish office (405) 789-2595, or via e-mail.

The Dorothy Day Center
The Dorothy Day Center is a dream realized.  Dedicated in November, 2005 by Archbishop Beltran, the 2,000 square foot building is east of the church and next to the white frame Catherine McCauley Free Health Clinic. The center is named for Dorothy Day (1897-1980), a journalist and social activist who founded the Catholic Worker movement and consecrated her life to serving the poor.

The Legislative Advocacy Coalition                                                                                                                  St. Charles has an outstanding history of ministry to the poor that spans its 50+ years of existence.  We have parishioners serving members of St. Charles and our extended community in a multitude of ways.  We have excelled in the area of social ministry that strives to meet the needs of the individual.  However, what many of the poor and disenfranchised lack, beyond the physical necessities, is a voice to speak to those in a position of power that can bring about systemic change.                                                                                                                                     The Legislative Advocacy Coalition (LAC) began in 2003 as a means to bring not only a voice to the concerns of justice, equality and dignity, but also the volume to reach the ears of legislators, community leaders and even our own family.  This group for legislative advocacy is composed of those who desire to be more socially conscious and those who believe they can work effectively with the system to change the system.                                                                The LAC organizes and presents workshops which cover practical aspects of working toward change:  an explanation of the legislative process on both the state and the federal level, effective letter-writing and phone techniques, and an overview of upcoming legislation concerning issues of social justice.  Knowledgeable speakers provide in-depth information and background for this public conscience work.  All are welcome to these workshops, whether they plan to involve themselves in the work or not.  Information and inspiration is the focus, membership in the group is not required.                                                                                                                                                      Throughout the year, the LAC follows legislative issues, especially healthcare and poverty issues.  Action alerts are emailed to the LAC advocates.  Advocates are given details on proposed bills and are asked to communicate with their legislators by letter or phone, or in person.  The goal is  to ask the legislator to consider the effect of his/her legislative action on the well-being of all people, and especially those who have no voice of their own.                                                                                                                                                                     You are invited to be a part of a new vision for this parish.  We hope you will prayerfully consider involvement in this ministry.  If you would like to participate in an informal workshop or begin immediately as one of our advocates for the poor, please contact the parish office (405) 789-2595.                                                                                        

JustFaith                                                                                                                                                 JustFaith is a conversion-based process that seeks to integrate personal spirituality and social ministry. The aim of JustFaith is to empower participants to develop a passion and thirst for justice and to express this passion in concrete acts of parish social ministry. JustFaith is a tool that has proven over and over again to be an effective strategy for training and forming parishioners to be agents of social transformation.                                                           JustFaith is a process. Over the course of seven to eight months, participants meet weekly for readings, videos, lecture, discussion, prayer, retreats, and hands-on experiences in justice education. The intent is to provide a tapestry of learning opportunities that emphasize and enliven the remarkable justice tradition of the Church. Participants are exposed not only to a substantive and demanding course of study but are also afforded the privilege of becoming community with other participants and sharing a journey of faith and compassion that is both life-giving and challenging. JustFaith is adaptable to local parish interests and staffing. The syllabus allows for flexibility in the study topics and program schedule, and accommodates differences in parish staff availability and facilitation skills; JustFaith can be--and typically is--facilitated by parishioners, meaning it does not create added responsibilities for professional staff. The program can also be adapted for use in other settings including diocesan-sponsored programs, small faith communities, and college campuses.